Issue One - Winter 2013

A Spectacular Non Sequitur: The Supreme Court's Contemporary Fourth Amendment Exclusionary Rule Jurisprudence

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David Gray

Shields, Swords, and Fulfilling the Exclusionary Rule's Deterrent Function

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James L. Kainen

The Genealogy Detectives: A Constitutional Analysis of Familial Searching

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David H. Kaye

Street Diversion and Decarceration

Mary Fan

Ethical Guidance for Standby Counsel in Criminal Cases: A Far Cry from Counsel

Anne Bowen Poulin

Interpersonal Power in the Criminal System

Kimberly Thomas

Nursing the Truth: Developing a Framework for Admission of Sane Testimony under the Medical Treatment Hearsay Exception and the Confrontation Clause

Julia Chapman

Issue Two - Spring 2013 

Parole: Corpse or Phoenix?

Paul J. Larkin Jr. 

Katz on a Hot Tin Roof - Saving the Fourth Amendment from Commercial Conditioning by Reviving Voluntariness in Disclosures to Third Parties

Mary Graw Leary

It Doesn't Pass the Sell Test: Focusing on the Facts of the Individual Case in Involuntary Medication Inquiries

Susan A. McMahon

How Criminal Law Shapes Institutional Structures: A Case Study of American Prostitution

Aaron D. Simowitz

The Troubling Role of Federal Registration in Proving Intellectual Property Crimes

Susan M. Richey

Issue Three - Summer 2013

Mapping a Way Out: Protecting Cellphone Location Information without Starting over on the Fourth Amendment 

Brad Leneis

Unstacking the Deck: The Legalization of Online Poker 

James Romoser

Prescribing Medicine for Online Pharmacies: An Assessment of the Law and a Proposal to Combat Illegal Drug Outlets 

Bethany Lipman

Material to Whom: Implementing Brady's Duty to Disclose at Trial and during Plea Bargaining

Gerard Fowke

Common Scents: The Intersection of the Plain Smell and Common Enterprise Doctrines 

Reuben Goetz