Issue 1 - Winter 2010

An Exclusionary Rule for Police Lies

Melanie D. Wilson

Symposium on Self-Defense
An Attack on Self-Defense

Reid Griffith Fontaine

Self-Defense, Moral Acceptability, and Compensation: A Response to Professor Fontaine 

Michael Louis Corrado

In Self-Defense regarding Self-Defense: A Rejoinder to Professor Corrado 

Reid Griffith Fontaine

Professor Fontaine and Self-Defense: A Reply to His Rejoinder 

Michael Louis Corrado

Walking the Tightrope of Statutory Rape Law: Using International Legal Standards to Serve the Best Interests of Juvenile Offenders and Victims

Lisa Pearlstein

Providing Those with Mental Illness Full and Fair Treatment: Legislative Considerations in the Post-Clark Era

Joseph W. Cormier