Issue One - Winter 2012

Elder (In)Justice: A Critique of the Criminalization of Elder Abuse

Nina A. Kohn

Is Texas Tough on Crime but Soft on Criminal Procedure?

Adam M. Gershowitz

Criminal Law Theory and Criminal Justice Practice

Darryl K. Brown

The U.S. Criminal-Immigration Convergence and Its Possible Undoing

Allegra M. McLeod

The Exclusionary Rule as Fourth Amendment Judicial Review

Rohith V. Srinivas

For Every Action There Is a Reaction: The Procedural Pushback against Panetti v. Quarterman

Jonathan Greenberg

Material-Support-to-Terrorism Prosecutions: Fighting Terrorism by Eroding Judicial Review

Brent Tunis

Digital Searches and the Fourth Amendment: The Interplay between the Plain View Doctrine and Search-Protocal Warrant Restrictions

Stephen Guzzi

At Least Give Them Miranda: An Exception to Prompt Presentment as an Alternative to Denying Fundamental Fifth Amendment Rights in Domestic Terrorism Cases

H. Joshua Rivera


Issue Three - Summer 2012

When Difference is Dangerous: The Judicial Role in Material-Witness Detentions

Lauryn Gouldin

Significant Entanglements: A Framework for the Civil Consequences of Criminal Convictions

Colleen F. Shanahan

The Dialogue Approach to Miranda Warnings and Waiver

Andrew Guthrie Ferguson

Lessons of Disloyalty in the World of Criminal Informants

Michael L. Rich

Reimagining Criminal Prosecution: Toward a Color-Conscious Professional Ethic for Prosecutors

Justin Murray

Pulling a Trigger: Evaluating Criminal Gun Laws in a Post-Heller World

Jeff Golimowski

Kids Waive the Darndest Constitutional Rights: The Impact of J.D.B. v. North Carolina on Juvenile Interrogation

Abigail Kay Kohlman

Search Warrant Power over the Individual: Aiming for a Cohesive Application of Michigan v. Summers

Lana Castor


Issue Four - Fall 2012

Schools, Cyberbullies, and the Surveillance State

Deborah Ahrens

Slow Acid Drips and Evidentiary Nightmares: Smoothing out the Rough Justice of Child Pornography Restitution with a Presumed Damages Theory

Mary Margaret Giannini

It's Complicated: Privacy and Domestic Violence

Kimberly D. Bailey

Necessary Suffering: Weighing Government and Prisoner Interests in Determining What Is Cruel and Unusual

Brittany Glidden

Subverting Symbolism: The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act and Cooperative Federalism

Kami Chavis Simmons

Tinkering around the Edges: The Supreme Court's Death Penalty Jurisprudence Essay

John D. Bessler

The First Amendment and the Regulation of Pharmaceutical Marketing: Challenges to the Constitutionality of the FDA's Interpretation of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act

Thea Cohen

The Minotaur Defense: The Myth of the Pathological Intoxication Defense

Tim Feulner

The Right to Remain Encrypted: The Self-Incrimination Doctrine in the Digital Age

Nicholas Soares

Raj Rajaratnam's Historic Insider Trading Sentence

Anna Driggers